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Shimps = Kek  Boys = Fantasy Friends
Thats it. Thats the Alpha.

  • What are the Kek Boys?
    🚀🌟 Introducing the Kek Boys to our Fantasy Friends fam! 🌟🚀 These aren't just any collectibles; they're your golden ticket 🎟️ to dominating competitions with multipliers that supercharge your points for airdrops! 🚀 Get ready to elevate your game. #KekBoys #FantasyFriends #GameChanger 🎮💥
  • What are Shimps
    Big shoutout to our steadfast Shimp Community members! Your loyalty hasn't gone unnoticed - KUDOS to you. Exciting news ahead: we've unlocked a fresh way for our Shrimp Crew to engage in daily fantasy-like games on your preferred Web3 (and get ready, because Web2) platforms are next in line. Here's the scoop: We're gearing up to gift you a special token, the KeK Boy, which is your secret sauce to securing multipliers in every showdown. And here’s the kicker: it’s making its grand debut on Fantasy Friends, initially rolling out with support for and with plans to expand into more Social-Fi arenas. This means players can now leap into tournaments wielding their beloved Web3 tokens, vying for NFTs and lush prize pools. Meanwhile, creators and partners get to host their own tournaments, offering up prizes that sweeten the pot. Stay tuned, the Shimp Community is about to take the gaming world by storm, one KeK Boy at a time!
  • What is Fantasy Sports x Social-Fi?
    Fantasy Sports Fantasy sports are online games where you create a virtual team of real sports players. Based on how these players perform in actual games (like in football, basketball, etc.), your team earns points. It's like being a manager of your own dream team, making strategic decisions on who to include based on players' real-life performances. Social-Fi "Social-Fi" combines "social" with "finance." It's a concept that brings social networking features (like chatting, sharing, and forming communities) into the financial world, especially within cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. In Social-Fi, your social interactions can potentially earn you digital currency rewards or benefits within the platform you're using. Fantasy Sports x Social-Fi When you mix Fantasy Sports with Social-Fi, you're essentially taking the idea of creating and managing fantasy sports teams into a space where your social interactions also have financial value. This could mean: Creating or Joining Leagues with Friends or Strangers: Just like traditional fantasy sports, but these interactions might also earn you cryptocurrency rewards. Trading Players: Not just for the fun of it or for points, but there could be real financial stakes in the form of digital currencies. Social Engagement: Your participation and how you interact within the community could influence your rewards. For example, popular or helpful members might earn more. It's a blend of gaming, social networking, and finance, all rolled into one platform. You enjoy the competition of fantasy sports, the camaraderie of social media, and the excitement of potentially earning real value through digital currencies or tokens, all governed by blockchain technology for transparency and security.
  • What is Fantasy Friends?
    👑Introduction to Fantasy Friends Fantasy Friends brings Social-Fi one level further by enabling people to play daily fantasy-esque games on their favorite Web3 (and soon, Web2) platforms. Players choose their 9-person team and "draft" social fi users for that tournament. Fantasy Friends is initially launching with support for with other Social-Fi platforms in the pipeline. Players can join tournaments with their favorite Web3 tokens and play to win NFTs and prize pools, while creators and partners can sponsor tournaments and put up prizes.
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